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Influenced by his personal researches, by his knowledge of anatomy and by the artists he worked with, Charles gives a class that fuse two opposite poles : Organic and mechanic.
Isolation and body control versus fluidity, rawness and a total body movement.

He’s getting inspired by the various styles of dance he experimented throughout his journey, from folkloric to urban to contemporary. Trying to find the connexion between every styles, to have an unlimited range of possibilities.

FLUIDIFY is a practice that challenges the body, mind and perhaps the soul. Working on extreme fluidity technique, floorwork, rhythm patterns and improvisation tools, playing with physical, emotional and imaginary states.

Each joints are addressed by dissociating them, leading to a clearer proprioception.

The practice is the result of years of experimenting and training different dance styles such as krump, bboying, house dance, hip-hop, folkloric dances, modern and contemporary techniques. We facilitate an environment prone to research, discoveries, playfulness, openness, softness, carefulness and trust of the self and of the others.

The purpose is to find new patterns, creativity and expressivity, to develop and nourish the flow state where the participant is simply and only in the present moment. Fluidifying and connecting the spine, center and limbs, jumping from an idea, a movement, a concept to another without interruption, without judgement, getting stronger and being anti-fragile.

He is currently running practices for the Montreal dance community, to gather people, exchange ideas, share energy and dances. He genuinely believes that through movement and share, we can connect people from different backgrounds and styles and go forward together, instead of having a sense a competition and elitism that can happen in our precarious job.

  • GUEST TEACHER / CHOREOGRAPHER - Professional Program - Montreal - Ecole de Danse Contemporaine de Montreal - 2020

  • PART-TIME TEACHER - Concordia University - Level II - 2022

  • GUEST TEACHER - Summer Intensive - EDCM - 2022

  • GUEST TEACHER - Summer Festival - Akropoditi - Syros, Greece - 2022

  • GUEST TEACHER - Sinedomo - Vicenza, Italy - 2021

  • FACILITATOR - Workshop for non-dancers - Centre Social d'Aide à l'Immigration and Festival Quartiers Danses - 2021

  • GUEST TEACHER - Summer intensive - Moncton - DansEncorps - August 2021

  • GUEST TEACHER - Professional program - Montreal - Big Bang Formation - Stephanie Decourteille - 2021-2022

  • PRIVATE CLASSES - Montreal - 2020

  • ONLINE FLOORWORK CLASSES - Montreal - 2020

  • WORKSHOP FOR AMATEURS DANCERS - Montreal - Corpus Collective - 2020 

  • FLOORWORK WORKSHOP - Montreal - Tripoli - Louise Lapierre Danse - 2019-2020

  • WORKSHOP FOR PROFESSIONAL DANCERS - Montreal - Studio 303 - 2019

  • WORKSHOP FOR PROFESSIONAL DANCERS - Montreal - Nous Sommes l'Été - 2019


  • WORKSHOP FOR PROFESSIONAL DANCERS - Noumea, New Caledonia - 2018

  • COMPANY CLASS - Moncton - 2018 - 2019

  • MOVEMENT WORKSHOP FOR SENIORS - Moncton - 2018 - 2019

Chainons Manqués 

Photo credits : Melika Dez

Performers : Klaudy Gardner, Sabrina Dupuis, Elisa Barrat

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