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Born in Kanaky / New Caledonia from the vietnamese diaspora, Charles Brecard started dance at 15 years old after discovering Bboying (or breakdancing). Endlessly curious and keen to develop his artistic vocabulary, he learnt various styles to complete or to get inspire with what he already had, krump, popping, locking, hip-hop, house dance, traditional kanak dance, African dances, and finally contemporary dances. His cultural background allows him to have a mature and versatile approach of this art, kinesthetically and reflectively.


Self-taught, he worked for 2 years with severals dance companies in his hometown as a professional dancer before going to Montreal / Tio'Ti:ake, Canada. He started training in massage therapy first, having a deep interest in understanding the biomechanics of the body which serves him during and after his studies at the Ecole de Danse Contemporaine de Montreal (EDCM), as he is currently working in a physiotherapy clinic, making connections between his different practices.

His infinite curiosity led him to develop a personal practice called "FLUIDIFY," influenced by urban, traditional and contemporary dances and by his profession as a sports massage therapist. He works in festivals, cultural mediation contexts or educational courses such as EDCM, Sinedomo (Vicenza, Italy), DansEncorps, Tjibaou Cultural Center (Noumea, New Caledonia), Festival Quartiers Danses, Akropoditi (Syros Greece), Big Bang, Classes du RQD, Concordia University to share his methodology.

As a freelance performer, he collaborated with various companies and artists such as Parts+Labour_Danse, Skeels Dance, AP&A, Chantal Cadieux / DansEncorps (Moncton), Martin Messier / 14lieux, Animals of Distinction, Lilith&Cie, Autels Particuliers, Grand Poney, Helder Seabra (BELGIUM), Richard Digoue / Nyian (NEW CALEDONIA). 

As a choreographer, he created his first solo in 2018 "(no)Surrender" and was a finalist of the Internationales Solo Tanz Festival Stuttgart, Germany. He worked on a commissioned work from DansEncorps Productions : « RESISTANCE » on a staged and filmed version. 

He received a residence and mentorship granted by the Choreographic Center Circuit-Est (Montreal), under the advices of Melanie Demers / MAYDAY, he began the development of his artistic process.

He co-produced with the director Do Phan Hoi « HALL OF FRAMES », a short-film that was granted the 2nd best movie by Festival Quartiers Danses (FQD) in 2020.

He collaborated with Mateo Barrera, a colombian composer and created an in-situ duet « Naufrago » aimed for the seniors, population impacted by the COVID-19 pandemia

He was commissioned to create a piece for the third-year students at the EDCM « Chaînons Manqués ». 

He co-created a duet « PROTO-TYPE » with Roxanne Dupuis, which was programmed at Tangente (Montreal) in early 2022.

He was commissioned to co-create a small work "SOLIDITY" by the Social Distancing Festival with Aisha Fukushima in the midst of the covid-pandemic. 

He received the "Best Interpretation" Prize by the FQD in 2021 with his latest solo "SOLILOQUY" and will present it in Akropoditi Festival, Tournant Festival (St-Adèle, Canada), Atlantic Dance Festival (Moncton, Canada), and in the next edition of the FQD.

He is currently working on a new piece : Fragments / Intentions, commissioned by Bradyworks, Tim Brady that will be presented in June 2023 at Agora de la Danse (Montreal), supported by Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec (CALQ) and the Canada Art Council. 

His solo "SOLILOQUY" notably received the prize for Best Interpretation in 2021. 

And his latest one, « Il pleut, il plaint, il rage » received 1st price of best choregraphy, the DAF International Award et the Equilibrio Dinamico Residency Award during the Internationales Solo Tanz Theater Stuttgart 2023

He co-founded LE BERCAIL, a nomadic project aiming to offer a free studio to any movement and dance enthusiast. Promoting a continuous self practice, community building and a non production-driven way of seeing art. 

Supported by Poemart of New-Caledonia, by LOGIQ and by the Canada Art Council. He recently obtained a residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris in order to expand his approach. Researcher enthusiast, he aims to approach his practice in a systemic way, thus aspiring to a political, poetic and spiritual revolution of bodies and minds


  • 1st price - Best Choreography « Il pleut, il plaint il rage » - Internationales Solo Tanz Theater Stuttgart (ISTTS) - March 2023

  • DAF International Awards - ISTTS - March 2023

  • Equilibrio Dinamico Residency Award - ISTTS - March 2023

  • Artist in Residence - Cité des Arts Internationale de Paris - June-July 2022

  • Grant - Residency - Canada Arts Council - 2022

  • Grant - Vivacité - Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Quebec - 2022-2023

  • Award of the best interpretation for SOLILOQUY - Festival Quartiers Danses 2021

  • Residence granted - Circuit-Est, Montreal Season 2021-2022

  • Award of the best short-film for HALL OF FRAMES - Festival Quartiers Danses  2020

  • Artist in Residence -  ArtsNB, Moncton 2018-2019

  • Finalist at Internationales Solo Tanz Theater Stuttgart 2018

  • Mentoring with Melanie Demers / MAYDAY - Circuit-Est l  Season 2018-2019

  • Soutien au perfectionnement – Circuit-Est Season 2017-2018

  • 7 Fingers grant – Transformation Danse 2017

  • Bourse d’enseignement artistique - Province Sud, Nouméa 2015

Credits photos : Olivia Nguyen

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